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Sharing something of me - Part 2.

The piece of music that I am sharing today was originally written to accompany a short movie that a friend was going to submit to a film competition. He talked to me about it early and I was involved in the planning process right up to filming. Then I had to wait until the filming was completed and edited in order to add the music to the finished visuals. Because of delays in the filming and editing I had 2 days to write, record and sync the music to the visuals. This was made harder as I didn’t have any software to sync the music and the visuals so I had to do it by writing the time code and then creating one long piece of music with start points and end points for every scene written down and then I created the music. I then went to windows media and put the visuals and audio on and then made notes of what was positioned wrongly. I went back to my music track and re-aligned it. I managed to achieve the finished piece after 3 attempts and then presented the track to the producer so that they could finish their editing.

We didn’t win anything but it was a very interesting experience. I have taken most of the gaps out so have a listen and see if you can pick the emotions that I was trying to convey. Enjoy.

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