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Songwriting – A Broken Man.

Updated: Jan 29

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A Broken Man

The Story Behind the Song. - To Be This Man - A Broken Man

The 8th song on the album “To Be This Man” is called “A Broken Man”. The song comes a time in my life when I realised that my thinking was breaking me as a person and that I had to change the way in which I thought of myself or I would destroy myself. I would be a broken man. There were people who helped me and people who doubted me. I had to choose which ones I wanted in my life.

Songwriting - Lyrical Content.

Lyrically the song starts from the point of realisation of the truth of my situation and works through the journey to being made whole. The bridge is a declaration of who I want to be while the chorus confirms the realisation of my freedom.

Musical Content.

The song is in 6/8 time and a medium tempo. The key is G Major but the use of a F Major 7 chord in the verse adds tension leading into the chorus. There are a number of songwriting variations used to amplify particular lyrics and to make interesting transitions.


This a full band song with a lower intensity in the verses and a build in intensity to the last chorus which is strong until the last line. The last line repeats and gradually drops in intensity.

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