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Songwriting - Can Dynamics take Songs higher?

Updated: Jan 29

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I have written a bunch of songs but the overall feedback is that they are interesting but not very exciting. All the elements are good but overall, they need some work. So, the question is – can dynamics take my songs to the next level?

Songwriting - What are Dynamics?

Dynamics is the loudness or softness of the sound. It is also the intensity level of the music. Dynamic movement in music adds interest with, variation, builds and cuts.

How to Create Dynamics.

I generally write my songs on an acoustic guitar to get the chord structure and song structure. However, it is very hard to make a whole song interesting on just an acoustic guitar. The first step is to have a variation of tonal sounds for the acoustic. Adding a second acoustic doing something different can lift the acoustic in the chorus or a bridge. By simply playing very little in a section gives room to build.

Having sections where another instrument takes the guitar part can add interest.

Working on the rhythm section to create drive and more variation. Then removing the rhythm section all together adds another variation.

Using single note instruments to play riffs around the melody or in transitions between sections can either build or drop the intensity simply.

Variations of reverb on the voice can also add variation. Plus backing vocals and harmony vocals all add to the finished piece.

Too Much or too Little.

At the moment I have too little so there is not enough interest. The problem can come when I add so many ideas all over the place. As a result, the song becomes disjointed and jumpy. The trick is to find the middle ground where the song comes through and the dynamics simply complements the movement of the song.


I have my work cut out and then I will go back to my listeners and get more feedback. Have I gone too far? Has the song disappeared behind so many ideas? Is it perfect and reached the heights intended.

So, the question is – Did dynamics take my songs to the next level?

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