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Songwriting – ‘Cause It’s You.

Updated: Jan 29

Man reading Bible
'Cause it's You

The Story Behind the Song. - To Be This Man - 'Cause it's You

The 9th song on the album “To Be This Man” is called “’Cause It’s You”. The song is about me drawing on the wisdom that I have learnt from God. Wisdom is a powerful tool for making good choices. It is also a powerful tool for recognising bad choices and dealing with them.

Songwriting - Lyrical Content.

The different sections look at wisdom from a different angle. The Verses look at the choices we make. The bridge looks at the peace that comes with wisdom and the chorus celebrates the power of wisdom.

Musical Content.

This an acoustic song that doesn’t really have a key. G Major is the key for the majority but I am constantly using non-diatonic passing chords that are there to add colour and movement. The idea is that I don’t want a big arrangement so I wanted to use the chords that conveyed the emotions in an interesting way.


This is primarily an acoustic guitar song, with a range of acoustic instruments weaving around it. The light percussion adds some dynamics but only in passing. The instrumentation is light to give the lyrics room to feature.

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