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Songwriting - Check out the opportunities at Saju Music!!

Updated: Jan 29

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Saju Music Business

Saju Music Songwriting

Saju Music is my Music business so why not check it out. Saju Music is where I work with Songwriters as a co-writer. I also then take their original ideas and add arrangements around them. I record all the instruments, either myself, or with other talented musicians and then produce the finished product with a talented audio engineer who mixes and masters.

What is in it for you?

If you are local to South-east Queensland you can email me at

If you are not go to and check out the songwriting community options.

Where from now?

I am building a stable of talented songwriters and artists who will create finished songs to sell to the public and build their own fanbase to support them in their creativity.

I am currently involved in a range of projects including writing the music for a Pilot Tv show so the artists I work with may well become collaborators in this project.

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