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Songwriting - Connecting the Dots.

Updated: Jan 18

Looking along the dotted lines.

Realizing the world hasn't done a music degree. As a songwriter I am connecting the dots for others.

I have been trying to create music courses to pass on the knowledge that I have gained over the last 50 years of learning. I had an illuminating conversation with a friend yesterday and they pointed out that I know a lot and that I need to start talking to people who don't know a lot.

I get really excited talking about music and I often use language that is normal to me but not to everyone else. I have been getting a number of blank looks lately and so I have to step back on my starting point.

I have found a lot of talented musicians who simply haven't learnt the language of music. They create by ear and it works because that is how they have learnt. The ones I have worked with reach a point and can't move forward because they are not sure what to do next.

I have made the mistake of hearing their talent and assuming knowledge, hence the blank faces.

In my conversation, I was talking to someone with some musical knowledge, we were discussing different note patterns and she said - I didn't know that. This has brought home that I am assuming way to much.

The way forward is already challenging me as I go back to the beginning of my learning. I want to teach so I have to start where people are and move them forward.

Here's hoping that this revelation will ultimately make me a better teacher, mentor and collaborator.

A new journey into the unknown. Exciting and a bit scary. I thought I would insult people by aiming so low but now I realise that I am alienating them by not.

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