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Songwriting - How to Create Masterful Melodies

Updated: Jan 24

Woman listening to music that makes her smile
Masterful Melodies


There is a whole world of melodies being created every day. Birdsong, whistles. Even conversation can have a melody to it so the question "How to create Masterful Melodies" is a very important one for any songwriter.

What do you want to say?

The starting point of any really good melody is have a reason for it. Knowing what the melody says is really important. Do you want it to say I am really happy or really sad. Maybe you want it to say I am really confused.

The scales that you use in your melody can have a profound effect on how something sounds.

To sound happy.

Above is a Major Scale which is generally used if you want the melody to sound happy.

To sound sad.

Above is a Blues Scale which is traditionally creates very sad sounding melodies.

To sound confused.

This is when you combine the 2 scales and use the Major Scale some of the time and the Blues Scale some of the time.

If you google the 2 scales you can get more information about them. Then try and play them in different orders to create interesting melodies.

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