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Songwriting - I am a Family of Four.

Updated: Jan 27

two adults and two children together
I am a family of four

The third song on the album “To Be This Man” is called “I am a Family of Four.

The Story behind - Songwriting - I am a Family of Four

Having had the experience of seeing families torn apart because the father has forgotten who he is and has left the family to “find himself”. I have seen the pain this has caused the wife and children and the damage it has done to the future of, especially, the sons.

I love my wife and children and wanted to talk about the fact that I know that I am not my own person, alone. Being part of a family all my decisions incorporate how the family is affected. If something is good for me but not good for the family it is not a consideration.

The Verses

The verses talk about the positive emotions around being in a loving, caring family. Talking about the belonging that it brings. To start, the first verse focuses on the vision of waking up to my wife and how that feels. Then second talks about shared memories.

The Chorus

The chorus talks about remembering being alone, or one, and how being part of a family is so much more.

The Bridge

The bridge starts by talking about my anger at the men who are cowards. They run away from their responsibilities in such for some greener pastures. It then goes on to talk about the man who leads his family, the point man. Building to the bridge ending with me talking about being wanting to be that man.

Musical Choices

The verses have 7th chords with lots of space between the chords. This give a very laid back, peaceful feel to the music that complements the lyrics.

By contrast the chorus uses chords that slide up to others giving swells in the music. Also, by moving out of the open position there is a lot my variation in the octaves of the chords. Lastly a descending chord pattern with a melody that moves in a counterpoint fashion gives hook at the end of the chorus.

The bridge has a more rock feel to the guitar to give the impression of the anger in the lyrics. These open up to an anthem feel as the resolution of the bridge.


The addition of a synth pad in the verses and then drums and bass in the choruses gives intensity movement. However, the bridge has the same instruments as the chorus but they are played with more intensity.

The Future

Having time to really work on the songwriting arrangement I want to add more tonal variation in the main guitar. Then another guitar with single note swells to add movement. The drums and bass will add more drive to the bridge by building through the bridge to a crescendo at the end of the bridge. Lastly, I want to add more vocals, especially a female vocal to add more variation and give the sense of the family.

I also am playing with the idea of strings to add more weight to the second chorus and bridge. In all a fair amount to do but I am enjoying the fact that I have a plan on my canvas and time to add the detail.

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