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Songwriting – Imperfect Passion.

Updated: Jan 29

Man holding guitar but not playing
Imperfect Passion

The Story Behind the Song. - To Be This Man - Imperfect Passion

The 7th song on the album “To Be This Man” is called “Imperfect Passion”. It talks about the relationship I had with my father who had a very definite goal for my life. The main reason it is called imperfect passion is that I believe my father had the best intentions for me he just didn’t take into account what I wanted for my life. He pushed me into a career that I didn’t want because “music was not a real career”. At the time I was very angry with him but I can look back and see that his heart was in the right place. The good thing to come out of it is that I have listened to my own sons a lot more and have accepted their choices in life, even if I didn’t agree with them.

Songwriting - Lyrical Content.

Lyrically the song starts with the resignation of a boy trying to live up to expectations and as the song progresses the boy asserts himself as he becomes a man. The chorus offsets the flow as my mother tries to mediate. It was a hard song to write as my love for my father was never in doubt but this one area was a conflict between us.

Musical Content.

Musically the verses are very minor as the majority of the verses move between B Minor and A Minor. The tone movement means gives the verse a drone like feel. The last line of the verse builds with a different chord movement leading into a Chorus that is strongly Major with a more intense rhythmic pattern. The bridge starts very similar to the verse but builds earlier and with more intensity which leads well into the peak of the song at the end.


The song starts with a very open synth pad and swelled guitar notes until the first chorus starts when the band begins. The band builds throughout the remaining song with the exception of a small drop in intensity at the start of the bridge.

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