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Songwriting – Mentoring 101

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Mentoring 101

Songwriting - Mentoring 101

One of my favourite things is to share my knowledge with other people and hence  - Mentoring 101. I, myself, am always learning so there is always something new to teach. After playing music for 50 years, I have learnt a few things. I have also made my share of mistakes.

The Highs and Lows

The beauty of being willing to risk everything to be a songwriter and performer is that you can have incredible highs but the downside is that you can have incredible lows. We all want to share the highs with everyone but not the lows.

The role of a Mentor

This is the place that a mentor is so invaluable because they have been there and can read the signs. They look for you when things don’t go well and know what you are going through. The most important lesson I have ever learnt is that “There is nothing new under the sun”.

What that means is whatever you are feeling and experiencing has happened before to someone else. They can walk you through it, show you how to learn from it and become stronger for the next time it is going to happen.

A mentor doesn’t teach you stuff they show how to be a better you. A good mentor sees the big picture and encourages you to see it for yourself. To continually walk towards the final goal of being the best version of you that you can be.

To give you an example I recently was working with a songwriter who had hit a block with a song and couldn’t go any further. I suggested a duet with a female singer and suddenly ideas began to flow. He was excited about the song again, and what he could do with it. A big picture suggestion brought his ideas. I stopped there and let him create for himself.

Sometimes a new set of ears can bring a new perspective that reignites the creativity.

Finding or Being a Mentor

Finding a mentor is not easy. They need to be someone who either knows more than you or as much as you, is willing to be a part of your journey and believes that you can be more than you presently are.

Can you be a mentor? Being willing and honest is the starting point. Giving to others always makes us a better version of ourselves than anything else.

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