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Songwriting - Mood Music 1

Songwriting - Mood Music 1

Here is the first of some of my songwriting series of Mood Music. These are short musical ideas that convey a certain emotion. They are ideal for film scenes and can be expanded into larger ideas with more instrumentation. For now, I have kept them as simple as possible.

What are you listening to?

The first is a solo guitar which has a Spanish flavour and gives a sense of anticipation. The music is always questioning, using the Minor Scale, but ending with the major seventh that wants to resolve to the tonic but never does.   

Sound Generation choice.

I chose a large and spacious reverb to give the impression that the guitar is floating at a distance which works very well with the visuals that I chose to go with it. It would work well with someone in a dilemma trying to work out what to do.  

What is going to happen next? What will the next shot reveal? The music takes an ordinary scene and gives it tension leaving the listener wondering what is coming.

I recently found a program called “Canva” which is where I found the video for this. Canva offers a number of Copyright free videos for your personal use. It is also a very user friendly video editor with a wide range of possibilities. Check it out and, please, give me some feedback on my Spanish Guitar Track.

See you next time for some more Mood Music. For more music check out -


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