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Updated: Feb 5

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Let Go, Move Forward

Time to Let Go and Move Forward.

I have had a number of businesses in the past that didn’t work out and it has been a challenge but I believe it is time to let go and move forward. Past failures can leave a shadow of doubt as to the possibility of present success. I have read about a number of highly successful entrepreneurs who didn’t succeed first time or second time. However, they went on to learn from their mistakes and build successful businesses. If they can, why not me.

Learning from mistakes

My first mistake, that I now recognize was the most damaging, was that I didn’t have enough income early on. Plus, I didn’t have enough capital to see me through. The result was that I chased money. I made decisions that were all about keeping my head above water rather than building my business.

My second mistake, that was just as damaging, was that I was a sole trader. It was not just the name but my whole philosophy. I was about doing everything on my own. The result was that there were not enough hours in the day to complete every job needed. Often, I was working on stuff that seemed necessary but was not part of my skill set. What would have taken a skilled person a couple of hours took me the whole day. On top of that it was not as good as I wanted and played on my mind.

Songwriting - A different mindset

I think the thing that has changed is that collaboration has become a part of my mindset. I have recognized that allowing other, more skilled people, take over jobs has been freeing of my time and my mental health. Valuing people and paying them what they are worth has given me the confidence to ask to be paid what I am worth.

Being able to get over my pride and ask for financial help through grants and a part time job has given me a much stronger basis for the success of my business. It has taken the pressure off my need to create money. At some point the business will be all I need but until then I will grow it without relying on it solely.

An exciting future

Past failures in the past, lessons learnt and new mindset. It really is time to let go and move forward.

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