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Songwriting - My Journey to Music Producer

Man listening to studio music
The Journey to Music Producer

The Beginning of the my Journey to Music Producer

I never really thought of myself as a music producer but I seemed to have become one. I have always been able to hear whole musical ideas as I am listening to a song just on guitar and vocals.

The most important thing for me is the final song. What does it say to the listener, what emotions will it create in the listener, what will it sound like.

The song is everything and how does the writer want the song to sound.

Collaborating with Songwriters

Songwriters often have a picture in their mind as to how the song will sound. My job is to find out as much about that final sound as I can and then come up with ideas to create what is in the songwriter’s imagination.

Preparation by Collecting Information

I ask for reference tracks from the songwriter – particular artists and songs that they can compare their songs too. Some songwriters are very good at this and say things like –

I like to drums on this track and I like the guitar sound on this track. I want the song to sound like this song by this artist.

Other songwriters, especially new songwriters are looking for more leading from me.

With them I speak generically and ask questions.

Often they know what they want but they need me to unlock it for them.

Learning the Right Questions

Questions are a great way to achieve this.

I have a series of questions that I ask that get more and more specific. However, the big question that I always start with is – who are you listening to?

Often who they are listening to is a good indicator of how they want to sound.

This can be the biggest part of the process but if I get it right it can remove a whole lot of work later. The worst situation is when you create something and the artist doesn’t like it and doesn’t know why. This makes it very hard to solve.

Seeing the Long Game

Sometimes I have had to let them go away and work out what they do want. I have learnt the hard way that if I try to solve their problems for them it is a long process.

If they go away and figure it out then they will be able to do it for all their songs and they learn how to communicate their ideas better.

If you want me to collaborate on your songs contact me at - steve59@sajumusic


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