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Songwriting – New Ears.

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Songwriting - New Ears

Songwriting is Personal.

Songwriting can be a very personal thing. Some people have likened it to creating a child or loved one.

We often put our own personality into our songs and identify with them as a part of us. This is a stumbling block for many songwriters whose songs are either never heard or receive limited marketing.

It is hard to have something so personal criticised. The question is why create something that you have no intention of sharing with others. Great songs provoke a response and yet here are always those who are negative.

One of the greatest bands in history – The Beatles – were rejected by a number of major record companies and producers until George Martin heard them and the rest is history.

The Upside.

I work with a number of songwriters who value what my new ears bring to their creations. I also work with and engineer during my mixing process and he brings ideas to my music.

If you can get past the idea that only you can create this song it will take on a life that can be greater than you can conceive.

The Downside.

The down side is when you get people who don’t listen with new ears but simply want to turn everything into what their ears hear. Believing they know best and everyone else is wrong. In these cases, your song will disappear and become an extension of the other person.

The Research.

The best way to choose your collaborators is to do research on them. What have they created in the past. Have others come back to work with them.

Talking to them is a great way to get a feel for someone. Do they listen is probably the most important question. If they only want to talk they are not a collaborator and will simply make decisions for you – whether you like them or not.

The Risk

On thing is certain – you need to collaborate. Some people can create an amazing album full of all their best ideas but what next. They need others to create new ideas or simply copy the old ideas. Fans will quickly leave if they are feed the same over and over again.

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