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Songwriting – Pro Tools – Why I recommend it.

Audio tracks
Pro Tools audio recording


Why do I recommend Pro Tools for Songwriting? There are a number of reasons why I recommend this Digital Audio Interface Software.

My History

There is a lot to be said for what you are comfortable with. I have been creating music on the computer since around 2000. I used Cubase at the time until Pro Tools became available. They were laid out in a very similar way and Pro Tools offered the opportunity to record audio tracks onto the computer. It was one of those moments that I had been waiting for.


Sine then I have tried other DAWs but one thing or another never seems to be able to match Pro Tools. The recording quality is generally one of the deciders.

Some are a lot easier to use, especially for the beginner, but when I tried to get the quality and editing that I was used to, they came up short.

I will say that Pro Tools has its weaknesses and there are things I wish it would do better but overall, it has become the industry standard for a reason.

There are so many options and many are really well thought out. As a creative person, who wants to stretch the boundaries it offers so many options.

The power of you tube means I simply say “How do I do ……on Pro Tools” and there is generally a way.

Check this out

The downside is that it is expensive and needs a lot of processing power but if you are serious about a long career it has all you need.

The addition of programs like Sibelius and Melodyne make it even more powerful to the creator.

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