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Songwriting – Stand Tall.

Updated: Jan 29

Man standing on mountain top
Stand Tall

The story behind - To Be This Man - Stand Tall

he 6th song in the coming album “To Be This Man” is called “Stand Tall”. The idea for this song came in a conversation I had with another student from university. They were afraid of the effects of covid as the death toll was mounting in other parts of the world.

Songwriting - The History.

I talked to her about my childhood. I grew up in the UK at a time when the IRA would set off bombs randomly to kill and maim as many ordinary people as possible. The reality was that every time you left the home there was a real chance that you would not come back. Shopping centres were a popular target and many people stopped going out. My parents had come through the blitz of London and the 2nd World War. Their attitude was that if you stop living in order to not die you are already dead.

Applying History.

I offered this attitude to my friend. It was the one that I was going to follow. I would rather die trying to live than trying to not die. The song lyrics began to grow as I saw the growing fear around covid and the imposed lockdowns.

I took every chance to live that was offered.

The Song.

The message behind the song is that if you choose to live over not dying you can Stand Tall no matter what is thrown at you. It is high energy song with a simple message lyrically.

The Music.

The music has a driving rock beat with variations in intensity. It is strongly based on guitars with multiple guitar parts and a simple driving bass. The vocals are mostly staccato to give more energy with harmony vocals to add more depth.

The 1st Take.

Again, the feedback was that the song was clunky. The very basic, programmed drums didn’t cut it and the variations in the guitar rhythms clashed. My live drummer is already working on this song so it should have the energy and humanity needed.

The Next Step.

Adding the extra guitar parts and vocal parts built on the live drums and bass will, hopefully, give the song final the sound that I am hearing in my head.

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