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Songwriting - Strong Shoulders, Gentle Heart.

Updated: Jan 31

Boy sitting  on mans shoulders
Strong Shoulders, Gentle Heart

The Meaning of the Song.

The second song that will appear on the album “To Be This Man” is called “Strong Shoulders, Gentle Heart”. It is about the lessons I have learnt around being there for other people. When they are going through hard times, they need someone with Strong Shoulders, to help them carry the burden. They also need to be a place of acceptance and for that you need a Gentle Heart.

The Experience.

I have been through hard times and I am yet to meet anyone who hasn’t. The older you get the harder it is to escape hard times. I have been fortunate to have people who helped me when I needed it. I learnt from their example and tried to be a person who would help others.

Songwriting - The Lyrics

The first verse talks about the conflict that hard times bring and the power of just being there for them.

The chorus talks about the kind of person I would need in this situation and the kind of person I have tried to be.

Verse two talks bringing experience and wisdom into the situation married with love and acceptance. Verse three encourages the listener to be the person passing on lessons learnt through the process.

Then I go to a bridge that asks what the world would look like if we all helped each other. Could we actually live out words like brotherhood and really love.

There are three choruses and hopefully they leave the listener with the two main thoughts of the song. Develop Strong Shoulders to help carry people and a Gentle Heart to accept them as they are.

Coming Soon.

Later on, I will talk more about how I set out the music to re-enforce the message of the words.

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