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Songwriting - Taking a forced break. See you on the other side.

Updated: Jan 29

Taped up boxes
Taking a long break

Today's post is just to let my readers know that I will be taking a break for a couple of weeks. My family and I have been looking for a new house to live in for about 5 months where I can also build my recording studio and music business. I was notified today that we have a place and the arduous task of packing up one house, moving and then unpacking starts just after I finish this post. Just to add to the fun I start my final term at university to finish my degree tomorrow.

Studying Songwriting

After all the songwriting, I will be rehearsing a band to play my music, recording them, producing the songs and mixing them as well as attending classes.

A lot to organise all at once. I look forward to writing about how I build my studio, and my music business and also sharing the songs as they take shape. But for now the business of moving.

Watch this space.

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