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Songwriting - The Journey Back.

Updated: Feb 1

Man sitting on rock
Contemplating the way back

Contemplating how to look forward.

The new year is always a time of reflection for me. Contemplating my journey back and how to look forward. I know that I have reached the point where I, first, believed that I would be back to myself. It is a really good feeling that when I laid in a hospital bed at my lowest point in my life I was dreaming of where I am now.

To Move Forward.

So, to move forward from here, what will the future hold. University finishes in May and I intend to use the time I have left to achieve as much as I possibly can. There is the question of going on to do a Masters Degree but I think I am ready to build the business and create opportunities for myself and those around me.

Songwriting - New Goals

Firstly, I want to play more with other people. The last few months have been very focused on songwriting and I will always keep writing songs. I have missed playing with other people, especially good musicians. They test me and push me to be better than I am. They make me uncomfortable and that is a place of growth. They will bring ideas and view points to my songs that I can never imagine. In total, I will continue to move forward as a musician and as a person.

Giving Back

One of the songs that I have recorded is going to be the sound track for a short video on suicide. It is an honest song about the struggles I and many men have had. I have come out the other side but many have not and that pains me. If my creativity can help one man to come out the other end then I have achieved something significant. I will present the song here in a couple of weeks when I have done the final mix and master.

Enjoying Life

Most of all, just the fact that I am looking forward, enjoying my life and enjoying my music is a testament to the journey back. This is the last post about my journey back but is also the first post about my journey forward.

If you have enjoyed what I have written please follow me and get my songwriting posts sent to you so that you don’t miss any. Please comment. If there are any topics you are interested in, let me know and I will do my best to post about them.


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