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Songwriting - The Journey Back

Updated: Feb 5

When Someone Teaches me New Tricks

Someone teaching others
Learning New Tricks

Recently I worked, again, with a singer who surprises me with the way she is someone who is able to teach me new tricks. We are on our 3rd song together and I have seen her grow in confidence as I step back and give her the room, she needs to be creative. She does creativity in a way that seems haphazard and random until it begins to take shape and she reaches what she is hearing in her head.

Songwriting - A new role

I had a go at creating chords for her song but, even though the chords worked with the melody, they weren’t what she was hearing in her head. She wanted it in a minor key so we started with the, chord, root notes that I had and used minor chords on those roots. I just sounded random to me but then we refined the chords. By working out the melody I would give her a range of chordal options for that melody and she would take chords from the options. Gradually we built up the picture of the song.


Random begins to make sense

As she began to hear the song in her head, I could tell from the smiles that we were getting close. As I looked at the chords the key of G# Minor was central to the song. The random had begun to make sense. The chords that were not in that key made great passing chords that added colour and movement in the harmony.

Learning patience

I have learnt, once more, that my way is not always the only or best way. I was able to use my musical knowledge to offer options and my ability on the guitar enabled me to bring sound to those options. Patience, however, enabled me to experience a new way to get to a really good song. We spent a whole day creating one song but it was a wonderful experience and the journey was well worth it.


I think the future holds a great deal of wonderful experiences for me as I collaborate with others and learn their ways of creating. In a sense, when I write my own songs, I have a sound in my head and I work to create what is in my head. So, why not expect others to be the same. The only question is, can I help them match what they hear in their head or should I step back and marvel at their creativity. I look forward to learning new tricks over and over again.

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