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Songwriting - The Power of Distraction

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The Power of Distraction

I have talked about the power of rest

but now I want to talk about the power of distraction. The power of rest is a positive but the power of distraction is not.

Songwriting - What is Distraction?

Distraction is anything that takes you away from your purpose and goal. Distractions can seem good if you don’t know your purpose and goal. However, they don’t fill you up with excitement. They are work all the time.

My Purpose and Goal is Songwriting and to create music for and Sync (Film and TV). At university, while doing my music degree I found I loved creating songs and also short, complete ideas that conveyed emotions. This is essentially what sync music does.

The Power of Distraction

However, I have been a teacher and I had a lot of content around music. So, I thought that I could build a website and sell the content. It is not a bad idea but it wasn’t my purpose. I had to learn a whole load of new skills and software to achieve my goal of selling content. Then came the social media black hole. Boy is that a distraction. A never-ending demand on my time, energy and creativity.

The one thing I wasn’t finding time for was creating music. I was working 12-hour days for a long time and not doing the one thing that I love. The one thing that fills my tank.

The Turning Point

There has come a turning point in my business and my life. I know that I cannot sustain the teaching content and the social media and so I have decided not to try.

Instead, I want to take this valuable lesson and put my energy into being a Sync Music writer. There is a possibility that I will fail but at least I will never wonder what if.

The website will be there for some time and there may be a future where I pick up the teaching again. So, none of it is wasted but I have to follow who I really am.

Meeting My Commitments

It is important to me that when I say I will do something that I see it through. So, the next couple of months I am going to complete all the projects I have committed to and give them my best, while taking as much time to write and record music.

The Future of my Teaching

I love teaching, ask any of the artists that I work with. I don’t think it will ever go away. But, for now I need to create and then I can show others how to, teach them what I have learnt and pass on the baton to them.

Watch this space.


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