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Songwriting - The Road less Travelled

People walking a lonely road
The Road Less Travelled

The Start of the Journey - The Old Way

I started as a musician in the 1970’s and back then real success was wrapped in getting signed to a record company. I did gigs for nothing, sometimes for a slab of beer and sometimes we had to pay the venue to play there.

Since then, I have seen many talented musicians and songwriters give up because they had to pay the bills. I had my own music business, which I had to give up in the financial crisis of 2011.

Learning a New Way

I started reading everything I could about business and with the growth of the internet I have decided on a path to sustainable success. I am creating this path right now and I want to offer the path to others. I don’t believe it is enough to say I did it and so can you. I believe that it is better for everyone to walk the path with someone and help them navigate the steps.

Songwriting - The Road less Travelled

The online community I am creating is designed to walk the path and teach, encourage and release others to walk the path to their own success.

It is said that any artist who can connect with around 2,000 committed fans can create a liveable wage. The path being created at Saju Music is to help any artist connect with those fans, to have the financial freedom to create and live. Once you have that then the skies are the limit.

How it works

If we take the Patreon Model of monthly paid Community Members.

My Goal for any artists that I work with would be 2,000 Community Members (Fans)

This is a possible breakdown.

1,000 pay lowest level of, say, $10 a month = $10,000

600 pay the next level of, say, $20 a month = $12,000

400 pay the next level of, say, $30 a month = $12,000

You are not famous and only 2,000 people really like you but you are making $34,000 a month.

Each level gets more access to you. Say you work 20 hours a week meeting the needs of your Community Members or pay other people to do most of the work you are still in a great place.

Getting Started

The reality is that you are not going to wake up one day with 2,000 Community Members.

So. what could be a plan that could work.

You could Crowdfund your first album and offer those who contribute the opportunity to be part of your community.

Say 100 said yes and each paid you at the lowest level, $10, you have a $1000 a month coming in. You spend $400 (40%) a month on giving them content.

Building on your success

You’ve got your website and a bit going on in your META accounts (Facebook and Instagram). You spend $600 (60%) a month ($20 a day) on Facebook ads.

Facebook says that I should get up to 1500 leads a month. If only 75 (5%) are added to my community that is an increase of $750 a month. If I keep the percentages I get $1750 total income – I spend $700 (40%) on content for the community and $1050 (60%) on Facebook ads ($35 a day).

Facebook says that I should get up to 1800 leads a month. If only 90 (5%) are added to my community that is an increase of $900 a month. So, it grows.

Time is the only thing holding you back.

So, I am going make a bold statement.

I have everything I need to do this so I am going to give it a go.

I will document my journey so that you can follow it, learn from my mistakes and get there yourself.

See you on the other side.

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