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Songwriting - To Be This Man

Updated: Feb 1

The Culmination of Knowledge through the Exciting Project.

An older man working while another watches.
To Be This Man

For a number of years I have been learning, experimenting and honing my craft as a songwriter and producer. And this, coming, year sees the culmination of  the knowledge through the exciting songwriting project “To Be This Man”.

Songwriting - The Album.

I am working towards releasing an album of my own songs about my life experiences as a man. The songs come from my perspective as a man. Hopefully they will speak to other men who are experiencing similar times in their lives. All the songs start from a place of honesty and hope. I have been close to suicide and also experienced deep joys. Life is lived in the highs and the lows and anyone who tries ignore this never really lives. The lows give us strength to overcome and to recognise the need for change. The highs give us memories that we carry for the whole of our lives. If the stories behind my songs help another man to walk another day, then I am happy.

The Playlist.

I sat down today and mapped out the playlist and tried to organise the songs with the listener in mind. There are some dark songs. Some joyful songs. Also there are some reflective songs. I wanted to start strong and what a better place than to talk about Legacy.


The first song on the album is called “Legacy” and talks about the need to always know where you come from. The power of legacy gives us a foundation on which to build. Some people have a wonderful legacy with a loving family that supports and encourages them. This is a powerful legacy to then pass onto the next generation.

On the other side some people come from a fragmented family with no real foundation. Do not despair, you have the opportunity to build a Legacy to pass onto your children that breaks the cycle that has plagued your family history. All Legacy starts somewhere, with someone saying that I care enough to build into the lives of those around me.

An example of this is that I come from a family that has a strong tradition around Christmas whereas my wife did not. She embraced what we brought. Then when we moved back to Australia, we both decided to build our own Christmas traditions. They have developed over the years and our sons have added their own ideas. We have built a Legacy around Christmas for the generations to come.

The Months to Come.

I want to take you on the journey of the next few months where I combine songwriting, arranging, recording and production to bring these songs to life. I will try to be honest about the process, the successes and the failures. But most of all I want to share with you the lessons learnt and the people who impact the final release of the songs.

If you have enjoyed what I have written please follow me and get my posts sent to you so that you don’t miss any. Please comment. If there are any topics you are interested in, let me know and I will do my best to post about them.

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