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Songwriting – To Let Go

Updated: Jan 29

Small fire illuminating headstone
To Let Go

The story behind - To Be This Man - To Let Go

The next song in the coming album “To Be This Man” is called “To Let Go”. It is a song about suicide among Aboriginal Men. I have worked with an Aboriginal Man over many years trying to teach and mentor men to give them different paths for their lives. Many have come from destructive backgrounds and want to live their lives differently. They just need the tools and the encouragement.

The Beginning of the Idea.

My friend and I were talking about another series of suicides in his community and the words of the song began to form in my mind. Often one suicide leads to a spate of them among relatives and friends. I went home and began to write. The song talks from the perspective of a man who is being drawn into thoughts of suicide. He battles with the emotions of hopelessness and anger.

Songwriting - The Music.

The music gave a lot of space for the lyrics while focusing on a very Minor (sad) sound. Lots chorus on the acoustic guitar with swooping and falling dynamics give a sense of emotions battling.

The Cultural Connection.

There was always something missing so I asked my friend for ideas. My friend brought his digeridoo and sticks and began to play. This was the missing part. We experimented with lots of sounds and combinations and then recorded as many as possible.

Putting it all Together.

Then came the production side of the song. With all the space available it was about taking the right sound for the right moment in the song. This was to give it context and movement. Grouping the sounds together and then giving them the same treatment also gave continuity.

Originally there was an instrumental part that was going to be played on guitar. However, the digeridoo and its mournful sound worked perfectly to highlight the conflict in the man. With the other sounds punctuating the digeridoo this gave a collage of culture and emotions leading the final chorus and it’s statement.

Adding Visuals.

My friend was so moved by the song that he wants to add visuals to the song and use it to bring awareness to the problem. I couldn’t be happier. If it helps just one man then it will be worth it.

The Message.

The whole message in the song is that if you don’t let go of anger and pain they will consume you. I don’t want To Be This Man, I want To Let Go.

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