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Songwriting – Welcome To This World.

Updated: Jan 29

Two pairs of hands holding babies feet.
Welcome To This World

The Story behind - To Be This Man - Welcome to this World

The 5th song on the album takes the listener back to the celebration of birth. I originally wrote this song for my niece, who was the first born in the next generation of my family. It was meant to be a song for all the newborns but became known as her song. The song was called “Welcome To This World”.

Songwriting - The Re-Working.

The original was just a guitar and vocals, recorded in a couple of takes with a few errors but the basic idea of the song. I then played it for her when she was old enough to understand what was happening. I has always been in my mind to re-work it with a full, thumping band.

Enter Sibelius.

The song had lain dormant until I discovered the possibilities of Sibelius and so the parts for piano, horns and strings began to take shape. My first go at it was a bit clunky as I am still learning how to perfect the sounds and mixing but the elements are there.

Take Two.

After getting feedback on my first attempt I am bringing in my friend to play live drums which will hopefully tie things together better. I used a single drum loop in the first go because I wanted to build the harmonic ideas. However, in the feed back the drums were weak and that made some of the ideas clunky.

I have created a number of variations around the original ideas and with the live drums the goal is to flow more. The band are waiting on Sibelius to shine through.

A New Addition.

A new bridge reflects that my niece is now a woman. She is in a relationship and may soon bring the next generation to be celebrated. So I asked the question, will there be another generation from her.

The Journey of a Song.

Sometimes the journey of a song is short and to the point. The time from initial idea to finished song is quick. Other songs can take years to grow and form themselves in their creator. This one has been a generation in the making.

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