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Songwriting - What a Busy Weekend

Songwriting - What a busy Weekend
Songwriting - What a busy Weekend

This weekend seemed to be the perfect storm of busyness and stands as a truly busy weekend for a Songwriter.


It started with working on content until 12 then off to Lowood to be part of a Film Shoot over Saturday and Sunday. I met the crew and was going to step in at the last minute to be the Sound Recordist. I have not done this for many years and wasn’t familiar with the technology. I found out when I got there that they had secured a Sound Recordist from 0700 the next day so I would only have to do it until then.

Sunday Morning

Sunday and we had a 0330 start, after about 2 hours of sleep, to be ready for a sunrise shoot. I worked out the sound and it went well. The Sound Recordist arrived at 0900 and had amazing gear. He offered to teach me but I had to decline due to my other commitments. I am hoping to learn at another shoot with him in the future.

I said my goodbyes after exchanging numbers with some of the crew and got home around 1000. Set out for family food shop, then food and shower.

Sunday Afternoon

Got to the reading of the play at 12 – The Life and Death of Everything. I am writing original music for the play and working on creating the sound for videos.

Left there at 3, stinking hot. Ipswich was sweltering but you work with it.

Sunday Evening

Got home and slept for an hour then went to a gig that a friend had invited me to. His band are – Rebels Grace from Ipswich.

Got there and listened to the 3 bands on offer. The first was another friend, DAMIEN, so 2 acts for the price of 1 – free – a shout out to Banshees Bar, Ipswich who give local bands exposure on a Sunday night. The third band, Disgruntled Taxpayers, were great fun. I highly recommend all 3 bands to anyone.

Spent time talking music and bands then felt my body complaining. Got home at 10 and went to bed. Lights out in seconds.

I love creatives.

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