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Songwriting - You are good enough!

Updated: Jan 24

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You are Good Enough


One of the things that separates artistic people from everyone else is that we are rarely logical thinkers. We are often led by emotional connection and this comes with the benefit of being creative but it also comes with the downside of questioning ourselves.


At some point we have to be brave and share our music with other people. If we share the music with the wrong people we will not get an affirming response. To give you an example, I love music but there are certain types of music that I am not a fan of. I don’t get them and with the wide range of choice out there I don’t want to get them. That doesn’t make them bad, they just don’t appeal to me.

Everyone is the same and if I play my music to people who don’t like the genre it doesn’t matter how good it is they won’t like it. Those people will not get excited by my music and I could interpret that as “I am not good enough”.

If I look for affirmation in the wrong place I will get beat up, emotionally. However, I know that my music is good enough if songwriters who have listened to my songs want to work with me. For those individuals I am good enough.


It doesn’t sound very artistic, but if you find your target market – the people who get you – and they like your music, you are good enough.

I can hear the next question – what if I find my target audience and they don’t like it?

This can mean one of two things. Firstly, that you need to work on your skillset and learn to write better songs that represent you more completely our secondly maybe you need to reassess your target market.


Most people didn’t wake up one morning and be “Good enough”, I know I didn’t. Inspiration is an amazing thing but I have worked hard on my skills to turn that inspiration into the best it can be.

I know that for a long time I heard songs in my head but I struggled to create them in real life. I didn’t have the skills, so I worked and got better. Also being older the technology wasn’t available for me. My first music computer was an Atari ST with 1 Mega Bit (not a typo) of ram and I had to wait around 15 years to be able to record audio onto a computer.


So, the reality is that you may not be good enough, YET. You may be good enough but you are seeking out the wrong people to listen to your music and you may be too scared to try and find out. The world is full of so many genres, sub-genres, sub-sub-genres that there is more likely to be a group of people who love your music than not.

Challenge your self-view so that you never look back with regrets.

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