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Songwriting - Your Inspiration into Concept

Updated: Jan 24

Holding inspiration in your hands
Your Inspiration into Concept

The big picture part of Songwriting starts with the idea of your inspiration into concept. How to take a moment of excitement and turn it into a song.

Songwriting - Inspiration to Concept

The moment it hits

It starts with that magical thing that no-one can really explain where you instinctively know that you have created something. It can be a hummed melody, a great guitar sound or a drum beat that makes your foot tap but it has got you and you can't let go.

Where to go from here

This is often the point where most people stumble. I always document ideas as much as I can. I record it on the phone and write down the chords I use. I even draw diagrams of the chords if they aren't the standard ones. Once I have it, I can go back and recreate it. I can work on it and expand it.

If I don't document it any way I can I often find that it is sometimes close but not he same. That moment is gone.

Work it into something bigger

One I have it I will try and add ideas as quickly as I can. I then document them. Often the same inspiration will create a whole load of ideas. Sometimes the inspiration stops and I have to leave it for a little while and then go back to it.

The elements that make up - Concept

The big picture stuff that can really help the direction of your song are: -

Mood - This is the first thing to work out. What do you want your song to say and how do you want to say it.

Tempo - Once you have the mood it will often decide the tempo for you. It is very hard to have an upbeat song at a slow tempo or a calm song at a fast tempo. Neither are impossible but they are hard.

Rhythm - There are certain rhythms that suggest high energy and others that don't.

Harmonic structure - Major Scales and chords suggest upbeat and happy whereas Minor Scales and chords suggest sad and reflective. How many of each type of scale or chord you use can give the shades in between.

So we come to the end of concept and later blogs will talk about the details that makes the big picture come alive.

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