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People often say to me that they can’t teach but I just ask them to show me something on their instrument and then I do it. Then I explain that they just taught me something. Teaching can be formal or it can be just musicians showing each other new things that they have learnt.

I picked up my first guitar when I was 7 and fell in love with it. However I needed to learn so I found some school friends who played guitar and just said show me. They were happy to show off what they knew and learned quickly from them. Then I found others who knew more and learnt from them. Then I started hanging around with a friend’s band. They were really just 4 school kids who called themselves a band but they were doing it and I was hooked. When the rhythm guitarist injured his hand playing sport I was there to fill the gap. They were teaching me the most important lesson for a musician – how to play with others. When the other guitarist came back they decided to keep me as well and we became a band of 5. We never reached any giddy heights of success and I can’t even remember the band’s name but it gave me my start.

The point I am trying to make is that when we share what we know with someone we are teaching. This may grow into a formal organised course of learning or it may not but teachers come in many sizes and shapes but they all have the same desire to see others get better. So be a teacher today and help someone else get better. Enjoy.

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