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The Business behind the Creative – Foundational Values.

Following on from Wednesday’s blog I have made the decision what my Value system will be for the business. This is the “me” in the business. What do I value and what value do I offer to others.

1) Family – To create a business around my family’s needs, building a long term, sustainable future.

At the end of the day this is my first motivator as to why I am doing this in the first place. If I succeed as a businessman but fail as a Husband and Father then I have failed full-stop.

Next is to take that principal and build a community of people that become a family to each other by working together for each other’s good.

We all want to belong to a family and a community so why not have that in the business. To be more than just people who occupy a space together for a weekly pay check. How boring would work be in that case and why would people come to work with me?

2) Culture – To give those involved, at every level, a higher purpose than just making money.

This is the core of who I am. Life has to inspire or it is just existence. Money does not give identity or self-belief it is just something that you exchange for things.

I want to inspire those around to take over the business when I am ready to retire and I know that they are going to need a big reason why they want to do that. Bigger than making money. People talk a lot about culture but for me it gives a sense of belonging of ownership and pride in something bigger than me.

Would you go work in a place that offered these things?

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