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The Business behind the Creative – Foundational Values – Part 2

Here are some more Values that underpin who I am and the people I want around me.

3) Honest Communication – This is the basis of any strong relationship and builds respect and trust. Honest communication does not belittle or seek to win arguments but, instead, offers opinions in the hope that they enable growth in a situation or people.

Not having honest communication leads to toxic environment where the majority feel unable to voice their opinions and ideas. This leads to fractured relationships and a loss of productivity. If I can foster a place where ideas and opinions are respected, heard and realised then the company will grow exponentially because the collective minds will always create more than I can alone.

4) Legacy – To build a community that will be strong enough to continue growing when I retire and leave it to someone(s) who has the ongoing desire to build the next generation of leaders and influencers.

I have reached an age where the future looks a lot different to what it did in my 20’s. So if this business has a future it will be in the hands of others. A big part of my mandate for the business is to build in training and ownership from day 1. Then I can leave it in the hands of others once it is time for me to retire. I want them to be motivated to leave it to another generation after them so I must build Legacy into the framework and mindset of the business.

5) Servant Leadership – Everyone is a servant of the greater good and will be given roles more for their character and servant heart than their ability to make money. Everyone is treated equally, their place in the process is valued and they are credited for their role. Everyone is paid, fairly and on time, for their role in the project.

There are many types of leaders and many get the job done but not all are loved by those who follow them. For me a servant leader creates servant leaders and those are loved and respected. The business will attract amazing people if they are respected and valued. I want people to come to work because they can’t stay away, because it fills something important to them.

These are all important words but the next challenge is to build processes for the business that will make these words a reality. I am excited and a little nervous.

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