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The Business Behind this Creative - Preparing the Foundation.

I have had a number of businesses in the past and some have done alright. However I have been so caught up with the day to day of earning enough money that I never had time to plan to build the foundation of the business. As a result when difficulties came I couldn’t overcome them and the business failed.

The core of this business is to give creatives the freedom to create because their finances are more secure. I know from my own life and from many others conversations that the prevailing view is that creatives put up with having very little because they love what they do and would do it for free. The truth is that I do a lot for free because I love what I do but there is always that pressure in the back of your mind. The result a lot of the time is that many creative people just give up and do something for the money to live. I believe the world is a lesser place because their music has been lost.

I am on a mission to save as much music as I can from disappearing.

At present I am still a student finishing off my degree and I am in the enviable position that I can build my business without the worry of having to live off the earnings.

So time is a great commodity if I use it. I have gone through the process of what do I want this business to look like and what is going to be the foundations that I build on.

Here is the Vision Statement as it stands today. It is still evolving and refining but this is where I am today –

“To enable artists to fully fund their lives with sustainable income from music, while developing a long term, sustainable income for myself.”

My Mission Statement as it stands today –

“To build a community of creatives and business people that work together to create opportunities for the business by building a legacy that inspires other’s lives beyond me.”

I will talk more about my values and the foundational structure of the business in the coming weeks.

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