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The Business of Networking

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The Business of Networking


Traditionally I have not been a fan of networking but recently I have seen the light. I have seen that the business of networking is actually a really good thing.

The following series of events have taken me by surprise.

The Business of Networking

I went to a QMusic ( zoom workshop, got there early and was invited by the organisers to test a number of functions as a participant so they got to see what I looked like. They thanked me and I went back to being one of the participants on the call.

Lat Monday night I went to a music networking event, Articulate (, by Ipswich Council and one of the panelists from the zoom call was a panelist there as well. I went to talk to her afterwards about SYNC music and she remembered me from the zoom call. We talked about SYNC music and she recommended a lady called Tyler who has a SYNC music business in Brisbane.

This Saturday that has just gone I went to a music networking event put on by Apra Amcos and there on  the panel was a lady called Tyler who has a SYNC music business based in Brisbane (

I talked to her and got her details and I am not sure where the contact will go but the progression of meetings has taught me that the Brisbane music scene is really quite small and very friendly.

At the same event I met with a lady from Gyrostream who talked, enthusiastically, about the instrumental market (my long-term goal is to be an instrumental composer) and the many opportunities to make a living in that field.

I also met a couple from Ipswich at the Brisbane event and that took the fear factor away. We didn’t know each other well when we went in but got to know each other by the end of the event.

The Downside of Networking

There are always people who network purely for themselves and only talk about themselves. I can now see them a mile off. They are the ones who want to be talking all the time and don’t listen at all. There was a person on Saturday who wanted to ask a question but spent more time talking about himself than asking the question. The panelists were polite but he didn’t get another question.

The Upside of Networking

There are also a lot of quality people around who really want to build community and use their success, however small or large, to help others and encourage them to succeed.

I find sometimes I network with a plan – particular people or subject and learn as much as I can. Other times I go with no plan and just a desire to learn. I go with the flow of the meeting or event and sometimes I walk away with answers that I didn’t realise I had a question for.

The Long Game of Networking

I am quietly building a community around me of people I like and want to work with. I have found that often the quiet people are the ones who have the most to offer, you just have to ask and then give them space to speak. Musicians generally love to talk music and they are my kind of people. I have found that I like people and networking has brought me more people that I like.  

Networking is the way to go even for an introvert like me. I am good with people I know and also once I start talking to someone but I hate approaching people and starting conversations. If I can do it and come out inspired so can you.





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