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The complete language of Music - Bringing what we know together.

One of the things that I have learnt is that you don’t have to know everything to write songs or pieces of music. Sometimes the people who were not highly educated in music write some of the best music. They don’t understand why it works musically it just does. So with that in mind I have covered some basic information in the last few blogs and the fact sheets available, but a lot of popular music doesn’t stray far from the basics.

When I was studying music the first time around I was sharing a house with another student on my course. The Music Theory teacher gave us the task of writing a 16 bar piece of music that could be a Verse or a Chorus from a song and we needed to be able to play it on our instrument in the class. Those who played single note instruments could enlist the help of chord playing instruments and visa versa. You needed a chord progression and a melody. Both my fellow student and I played Guitar and we had a flood of requests to team up.

For my piece I chose a sax player to play my melody and I would play her chordal part.

My fellow student decided that he didn’t want to work with anyone so he would play both parts on the Guitar at the same time.

I used 4 chords for my entire 16 bars but this left me room to create interesting melodies over the top. The sax player enjoyed it as it was playable and sounded interesting.

My fellow student went a little crazy and ended up using 40 different chords and moved through 5 different musical keys in 16 Bars. That is 40 chord changes in 64 beats (16 Bars with 4 beats to a bar = 64 Beats). Technically it was brilliant and it was theoretically correct but it was unlistenable. He failed the task and had to do it again as the teacher stated that it had to be 16 Bars of a song and no singer would want to sing the melody created over the chords.

I passed because the teacher could imagine my piece of music being part of a song.

A bit of a long story but the point is that you can create music with just the information that you would find in my fact sheets, as they stand at the moment, for a long time. So go and have a look. They are all free and downloadable. As I add more fact sheets you can look at incorporating the new ideas. Enjoy.

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