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The Complete Language of Music - Foundation 4

The 4th foundation is around listening to music or to be more specific around recognising what you are hearing. This is a useful skill on so many levels. The lowest level is in enjoying music that you listen to. I remember growing up as a rocker and being used to the sounds of most styles of popular music but then I was introduced to Jazz music. It didn’t follow the rules of popular music and to, my untrained ears, seemed like the musicians only wanted to break as many musical rules as possible.

I persisted, mainly to impress a pretty girl, but I began to hear things clearer and clearer and began to recognise musical rules that are in Jazz. They were so much more complex than popular music and I began to grow as a musician. I was hooked. I don’t remember the pretty girls name but Jazz has stayed with me since.

We all hear sounds, notes and rhythms but can we work out what they are and why they make us feel the way we do. If we can then we can recreate them ourselves in our own music.

For some people they can hear something and recreate it at will but for most of us this is a learned skill and a downright hard one. For me it has always been my nemesis. So as I talk about this foundation it will always be from the point of view that it is the one that I want to be better at.

We can use the other foundations to help us make this foundation easier to handle.

From Music Theory I can tell you the 90% of music follows certain rules and by finding out the key of a piece of music I can use the rules to narrow down the possibilities as to the notes and chords used in the piece.

Once I have worked out a melody I know from my Music Theory that there are certain chords that work with the notes of that melody and only a couple of those give the mood that the music is creating.

This is why I talk about the Complete Language of Music because when you know how to use the different foundations together your knowledge and ability will take off.

Instead of looking at each element alone they become intertwined so that they give you the ability to achieve so much more. It is very achievable for anyone who wants to learn. Join me on the journey. Enjoy.

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