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The Decision - The Journey is Complete.

The deadline has come and gone and I am in the competition. It was a great journey of discovery. There were technical problems to overcome and musical decisions to make. I had the help of a very good singer who was amazed that she is better than she thought she was. The moods worked with the visuals and I have to say that I could have remixed a few times more but at some point I had to say that it was the best that I could do. It is in the hands of the judges and I know that winning would be a very real boost in my confidence. Watch this space to find if I made it or not.

Here is the link to my finished piece. The visuals and a sound track (human sounds, animal sounds etc.) were not my work. I did all the music that you hear so hopefully you like it. Please leave comments and tell me why you think the way you do. Enjoy.

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