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The Decision - Week 2

A lot has happened in the first week. I paid for my registration online after someone put the money in my letterbox. I don’t know who because there was no note with it but it was exactly what I needed. I was registered and the short movie was sent to me in a couple of formats along with 3 versions of a sound track (the noises that can be heard on a movie like walking sounds, breathing, monsters roaring). The 3 versions were the best 3 versions in a sound competition run by the same organisers.

I downloaded the video. One of my problems in the past is that I haven’t been able to download videos and get them working consistently with the Pro Tools software in the past. So I was nervous, to say the least. The first format loaded but wouldn’t work and my heart dropped, was I here again? The second, and last, format loaded and when I pressed play it worked perfectly. Oh the joy and relief I felt. I just danced around the room. So to the 3 sound tracks. I listened to each and though they all had positives and negatives one stood out. I deleted the others and now I had my starting point. I then checked to see which of the finalists I had chosen and the track that I had chosen was the winner of the competition. It was good to know that I was agreeing with the judges.

So I watched and listened over and over again until suddenly inspiration hit me. I had the theme for my music and from that I chose a number of musical ideas to create that theme. I needed a vocal chant and found that the words and notes came together. Then I needed a vocalist to sing the style I was looking for. I asked a friend for anyone she knew and she put me in touch with a lady who is perfect. We met, talked and she is on board and excited.

So to round up – I am in the competition and I have the big picture stuff worked out and a singer, melody and words that will be central to the whole piece. Not bad for one week. More next week. Enjoy.

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