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The Decision (week 3).

This week has been a big week for starting the creative processes. With the big picture worked out it was time to start recording. I created a recording of the vocal parts for the singer and sent them Saturday. I have been pushing the computer and it started crashing. Could it all be over before it really got going? I called on a friend who is a computer genius and he had the answer straight away. The fan was running too slowly to keep the computer cool which was causing it to crash. The result was that I put it through its paces for about an hour and it worked perfectly.

Sound wise I wanted to have a series of percussive sounds and started bringing a range of objects to the microphones and recorded hitting them on both a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone. I selected different distances and a range of hitting. I added bongos and did the same process. There was something missing. I went to visit a friend who had bare wooden floors. While she and my wife drank coffee and discussed life I set up my microphones close to the floor and started stamping. Different distances and intensities followed and I even took my shoes off.

The overall theme was a celebration of community. The character, at the centre of the story, has been sent out to find a new home and I wanted to use that connection to give her the reason to continue and overcome the obstacles. She even sacrifices herself for the good of the community and ultimately wins. I started with Maori Hakas. The stamping was to create the rhythmic percussion under a tribal chant. The vocals would be the inspiration to motivate her.

The next thing was to learn new skills. I scoured You Tube and learnt and learnt. Next was mastering the Score Editor on Pro Tools. I have worked out the basics but there is more to go. I have found the synthetic sounds that I wanted and even created the first 1.20 minutes of music.

So, to break it down – I have resolved all my technical problems, recorded percussion sounds, created a catalogue of sounds to drive the piece rhythmically, mastered Score Editor and created nearly a quarter of the music I need.

Here is my home recording set up. I couldn’t believe I would have 2 screens ever but it is amazing. A big week ahead. Check it out next week.

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