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The Decision (week 4)

So here we are, another week. So the writing and recording process is in full swing and I have completed 3 and a ½ minutes of the 5 minutes needed. I have created out of this world sounds and mixed them with my stamping rhythms and written more vocal parts. So everything is going well and I am recording my singer on Friday. Hopefully by next week I will have written all the rest of the music. Then, with the vocals recorded, I will set about mixing everything together.

Normally for a mix I would get all the sounds clear and clean, if they need to be. I would remove any unwanted recordings to minimise the noise and then add the effects to those that need them. Once I have got the sounds right I would start getting the levels right. First I would decide which sound is the key sound in creating the mood and then mix the other parts under it. I would use pan to place the sounds to give separation. I would then look at the frequency range and see if any sounds are competing in certain frequencies and then adjust them so that they are not competing.

Once I have done all this I will take a break of a couple of days and then go back and re-listen to it. I would bounce down the completed piece and watch it on my computer and my TV and then look at what needs to be adjusted. I would then go back and make the adjustments and repeat the process until I am happy. I would then go and play it to a number of people and ask the following questions, after they have watched it:-

How did you feel overall?

How did the music make you feel?

Did any of the music jump out at you?

Can you describe the theme of the film?

If they have too many opinions about the music itself I have mixed it too loud and it is imposing itself on the film and not supporting it, which is its job. Armed with their responses I would go back and do a final mix.

Let’s see if I meet my goals of finishing writing and recording all the music by next week. Enjoy.

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