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The Decision (week 6)

This week has been highlighted by the recording of 2/3rds of the vocal tracks. It is interesting when creative people don’t believe they as good as they are. The vocalist who is giving her time and effort for the fun of it was more worried that her singing would ruin my recordings. She could not have been more wrong and the more I listen to her singing the more I am convinced that she was the right choice. The way that she phrased the tune was exactly what was in my mind all along. We are going to record the last vocal part this Sunday and then it is into sound production and mixing. The deadline to submit the finished piece is January 15th, which is about 4 weeks away.

I have learnt that I must produce sound in context of the others, so it is better to not SOLO sounds and get them good and then try and get them to work with the others. I have limited myself to 3 voices, instruments or sounds at any given point in order to make everything that I do matter. There is no padding in 3 voices, instruments or sounds they each have to play a part.

I have also learnt that hearing fatigue is a real factor and I have decided to mix for only an hour and then have an hour break and so on. Having 4 weeks will make this possible. I have also talked to a couple of musicians, whose opinions I respect, to listen to the finished product and give me feedback.

I am on track to finish and I feel confident that I have something to be proud of. Watch this space.

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