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The Decision (week 7)

The Decision (week 7)

Well after a rest from everything over the Christmas period I am back into my project. However I wanted to look back first.

To rebuild the foundation – my first love is God and I know that all of my ability comes from him. My second love is my family, my wife, of twenty-five years and my son’s. My favourite expression of my love is through music. Music in itself does not define me as my first 2 loves do but it is one of my lifelong avenues of expression.

So with my foundations firm this project started in answer to a prayer. I knew God wanted to go back and study music at JMC. This had become the obvious path but then I hit an obstacle. I needed the money to pay for the course and the avenue that seemed the most obvious was through Fee-Help, paid for by the government. But to be eligible I had to be a citizen. Even though I had always thought of myself as a citizen it was not official. I filled out the documents and paid the fee and was assured that it would take a couple of months etc. When I was told that the process may take as long as 2021 it was apparent to me that I needed to raise the money some other way. In a rather earnest prayer time I heard God say to me “you want to be a composer, compose”. I googled “compose” and a whole bunch of options came up. One that grabbed my eye was Composing Competitions.

I downloaded all the composing competitions that could find, which took a few hours, and decided to look at them at length. The next day I was praying for direction and the word Berlin came to my mind. I checked the Competitions and there was one for Berlin so I entered it and that is how my journey started. At each stage I have prayed for direction and ideas have flowed and not just any ideas but good ideas. Over Christmas I had to put my equipment away as it was set up on the dining table but I didn’t stop praying and by the end of Boxing Day the equipment was set up again and the ideas flowed. My singer, Huia Ormsby, finished the vocal parts before Christmas and I have focused on mixing. I am praying, then watching You Tube to learn the techniques to realise my ideas and then doing it. I feel like I am in a powerful cycle of creativity and I don’t want it to stop so I always start with prayer.

It has been so liberating talking about my creative relationship with God and I know it is not for everyone but this is who I am. Take it or leave it. Enjoy.

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