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The Decision - (week 8)

So the deadline is the 15th January for me to submit my finished piece. Big sigh.

One of the things about creating is that at some point you have to play it to other people and they may not like it. I have invested more hours than I care to count on this project and I have, mostly, enjoyed it all but to find out that it has all been in vain is a hard prospect. Then I asked myself why do I naturally go to the negative. Why not worry about how I am going to deal with all the accolade. What do I do if everyone thinks it is amazing?

So I played my first mix to my wife and son. I put it on our TV to create an environment where they would normally watch this kind of thing and…… I instantly realised that I had made the simple mistake of having my headphones too high when I mixed and everything coming from the speakers was very quiet. This made everything sound thin and weak. The looks on their faces showed that they heard it too. I quickly explained and said I would fix it.

I did, immediately. I also heard a few things out of balance so I worked on them. The next day we repeated the process. The looks on their faces were much better and they recognised what I was trying to do. But then a few more minor adjustments and version 3 was even better.

Armed with this I sent the finished version to a couple of friends. One immediately picked up 2 things that had bugged me. I thought it would be better to get someone else’s opinion as I had listened to it over and over and maybe I was beginning to hear things that weren’t there. But no, he heard them too. So I went back and put them right. I am, at this moment, waiting from more feedback before settling on my final, final version.

At some point I have to say that there is no more tweaking to do and I have to say that is it and submit it. The only real truth at this point worth anything is that if I don’t submit it then there will be nothing for them to like but if I do submit something then there is a better chance that they will like it.

I will put the finished piece up on this blog after the 15th and look for opinions. Enjoy.

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