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The end of "The Decision".

When I came back to my blog I realised I talked a lot about the journey I went on to create an entry for the Berlin International Film Music Competition. At the time I wasn’t allowed to put the finished product online until the competition had been judged. That has now happened and I didn’t win but after listening to the winners I can see that they were much more polished than what I produced and a lot more orchestral in nature. The other thing that I realised was that I made the classic beginner mistake of too much. I had a lot of time to think about the project and it was easy to add idea after idea when the winners had a lot of silence which made anything they did more dynamic. The next thing was that they kept the instrumentation consistent and used harmony to create moods. So I have learnt even more from failing to win than I learnt from trying to win.

The result is that I am keen to have another go. I am looking for another competition to enter and this time I will apply all the lessons I have learnt and maybe grow more as a composer. This time my goal will to be better instead of trying to win. Hopefully I will be able to share this new journey with you.

If you are curious as to the winners go to

I wanted to go for a more tribal sort of music to represent the people that had sent her and how the memories of them got her through the problems. So, here is my entry. Enjoy.

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