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The Journey Back – How to make a Plan come Together.

The Revelation

A couple of months ago I had a revelation and over the last few days I have felt the joy of when a plan comes together. Some of my classes at Uni have been disappointing but the arranging class this term has been an awakening on so many levels. Working on Sibelius initially raised the question – if I linked it to my Pro Tools could I run the 2 together. Could I have the strengths of both of the programs. The answer is Yes.

The Process

It has taken hours of trying things to get the 2 to talk to each other. The Pro Tools is the master program and the Sibelius is set up as the slave. Initially, I thought it would be good to write in Sibelius. Then transfer it to Pro Tools to use the sounds that I had available. Then the moment came when I expanded my thinking further. Could I link the sounds directly to Sibelius and then have it run all the synthetic music, notes and sounds. My lecturer, who is a genius, said yes.

I jumped in with both feet. Firstly, I bought the Sibelius, with an educational discount. Then I went to Spitfire Audio, who were having a Black Friday sale and got an Orchestral Bundle. I had quality sounds for strings, brass and woodwind. They even had a freebie thrown in. I booked an hour with my lecturer, as part of my course, and we set about putting it all together. He did most of the work but I learnt a lot just watching him. We hit a couple of couple of issues but he solved them and now I have a template where everything talks to everything. On the way he added KONTAKT as another sound source and also a great way to connect the sounds to Sibelius. Both Spitfire Audio and KONTAKT have a range of free sounds and low-cost sounds that I can access.

The Excitement

The weekend has seen me creating the files for all the songs I am currently working on with Sibelius added and then creating the instrument scores so that I can write directly into Sibelius in real time and hear them back with the recorded music. Editing and updating will be instant and seamless.

Life is good and I foresee hours of creative enjoyment as I get closer and closer to creating the music I hear in my head.

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