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The Journey Back - Part 1

Any journey starts with an idea and a motivation. This journey started with the idea that a Diploma in Music would be necessary for me to start a job (motivation). I started the Diploma but the job didn’t wait for me. A change of leadership and a change of ideas.

So I stayed on the course and I am working towards a Music Degree. But what to do with it. The journey has been bumpy with a spell of 4 weeks in hospital, trying to figure out why my brain stopped working. No real answers other than I had to change my lifestyle. So that has led to some difficult questions and some difficult choices. My body is no longer like it was in my 20’s and so, to be successful, I need to work within the confines of my health. Even admitting that was a journey in itself. I have always been active and worked hard but now I must listen to my body and learn from it. That has changed the idea and the motivation. I now am working towards being a Composer, Songwriter and Producer. These are all jobs that I can do from home and as long as I meet the deadlines how I get there is up to me. Instead of working hard I now need to work wise. I have my first, paid, contract and a number of other possibilities. I am also working on completing my own, first, album. Have I already taken on too much? Part of the journey is to try and work this out. Time becomes more valuable when you have to organise it like a finite resource.

I will talk frankly about my journey and the lessons I learn, the mistakes I make, the successes and failures. You are welcome on my journey and the people I will meet.

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