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The Journey Back - Part 2

My Journey has already been a long one. I started playing guitar at the age of 7 and haven’t really stopped since. Lately I have focussed on bass guitar and become a lot better at it. The big thing that I learnt about bass is that less is more and sometimes the simplest bassline is the right one. The bass is not a lead instrument and so does not need to play the most complicated part of the whole song. It was hard to hear for a while. I was being told to learn as many techniques and scales as I possibly could then being told not to use them as I was playing bass and not lead guitar. I have now found the middle ground where I can play intelligent basslines that add to the overall song without getting in its way. Having taken that lesson into my Songwriting I have simplified a lot of my songs to give the vocals room to breathe. Before I wanted to be clever and use many different musical ideas but the song was so busy that the vocals had no space and had to follow the chords. On top of this was the fact that I didn’t rate myself as a singer so I created simple melodies that I could sing and then do all the clever stuff with the guitar. However good songs don’t work that way. Everyone wants to sing the melodies and if they are boring, they are boring. I have someone as a lecturer who doesn’t pull punches. They are not rude but honest. As a result my vocal range is larger than I ever thought it could be. I am braver about pushing my vocals beyond the comfortable place they were and as a result my vocals are both messier and better. When you push the boundaries sometimes you get it wrong but I want to push the boundaries until I get something amazing. Even at 58 I am still growing as a musician and a person and I want to continue until the day I die. See you next week.

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