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The Journey Back - Part 3

The next realisation is that no matter how good you are, if no-one hears you, you have nothing to offer. It sounds harsh but at some point I have to put music out there and get feedback. If I am going to make money from music someone has to hear it to pay me for it. Creating something that you love and thinking it is amazing is good, but having the courage to find out what other people think is the ultimate test. Friends are good but often they don’t want to offend you. So the only really important question to ask them is “Would you pay money for this?” If they are not sure the answer is no, “sort of” is no, “maybe” is no. Don’t lose friends over this. They have a valid opinion. However I write more singer songwriter, ballad type of material so if a friend is a heavy metal fan, him not liking it doesn’t mean it’s bad. So find some people who like the style or genre that you play and ask them. Eventually you will build a group of people, around you, who are honest about your music while being fans as well. These people are gold. Do not wear their good will thin.

Because of this here is an examples of my music. It is instrumental so give me some feedback. Are you one of those people who are gold?

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