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The Journey Back - Part 5

A year ago today I had just returned home from 4 weeks in hospital and was beginning to walk again. Recovering from a major brain problem has been the Journey Back. Sitting in my chair, exhausted by the smallest exercise wondering when I would be able to simple things like make myself a cup of tea I really didn't think my life would look it does now. It has been a long journey but one that I am very grateful for.

The end of my Uni course is looming and what does the future hold. My music business is up and running. Combining study, business and family is a challenge but the goal is balance with a hint of building momentum. This week I have increased my team with the addition of a talented Audio Engineer, Session drummer and Session guitarist. I have had meetings with local council and in the process of applying for 3 grants that will pay out at different stages of my business development. I now have 3 artists that I am working with, 1 more than last week, had 2 recording sessions and coming to the finish of a song that I believe will sell well for the artist and earn me some money. There are still positions in the business that I need to fill but they are not desperate right now and I really want to find the right people rather than just anyone.

Next week I have a major recording session that will lead to some more income coming my way. Uni is busy with final assessments coming in a couple of weeks and balance could well be a nice concept for a little while but then I have a 2 week holiday to restore the balance.

It is a real dream of mine to give other musicians and creative people opportunities and now it is becoming a reality. When community wins everyone benefits.

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