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The Journey Back - Part 7

I have reached a time of life where there is more behind me than in front of me. So as I am finalising my business plan for the next few years the main focus has been on legacy. What will I leave behind that will make the world better. So I thought I have my own ideas about what legacy looks like for me. I have 2 adult sons and the legacy for them is that they are fully functioning responsible members of society. It has been a journey that sometimes seemed slow and moving in the wrong directions but we have arrived at a place where I know that if something happened to me they would be ok. They would survive and have the strength to grow themselves.

I started reading a book “Legacy – What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life.” I am a few chapters in and how I am looking at setting up my business has changed. I want to build a culture more than money making opportunities. I want others to succeed even if I don’t. I want win/ win to be embedded in all my decisions – I win because you win.

Having another 6 months at uni before I graduate will give me the time I need to find the right people and begin to invest in them. I know that the business will succeed but I want a business I can be proud of and also be proud to give to someone else to run when I retire.

More to come.

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