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The Journey Back - Part 8

The vision for my business is “We work for each other” and I want to build a culture that creates a better world for the people involved and the people who are impacted by it. As a realist I know that I have a short period of time before my body stops me from being the best I can so I am more focussed on the people that I want to impact so that they can grow to a point where they don’t need me but may still want me around. I sounds cheesy but sometimes cheesy is ok.

I have given myself 6 years to build this business with a culture, vision and passion that will continue to impact the world long after me. Will I make it? One day at a time, one person at a time, learning from my mistakes and hopefully less cheese.

Music has tremendous power to change people for both good and bad. A song can lift you from regrets and sorrow, it can say “I understand because I have been there”. Music can inspire and make people feel like they are powerful. The list goes on.

What does music do for you?

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